Send the flag of your country for us to pray for him for 30 days

We are a Ministry in training, in full submission to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit's commands.

We would like to share with you what God gave in our hearts because we believe and have no doubt that he has a purpose spiritual this revelation.

We have initiated a campaign called CAMPANHA DE INTERCESSÃO AMANDO AS NAÇÕES (CIAN), where pray specifically for one country, during a month, flock. Ending this month, we switch the country focus of our prayers and take another month of prayer, and so forth.

The flag of the nation why we will be praying in each period will be in our Church, and as one country will be added the flag of their nation. It would be very simple if we stop in this moment, because we could acquire the banners here in Brazil, only sending them or buy them. But what God gave was that:
flag must come from own homeland, homeland, it must leave her own soil, their own land.
And so is being done. We begin by Brazil. Pray specifically by Brazil for one month, and then in accordance with the order of arrival of the flags or until you reach the next flag oraremos by other countries. We stress that we will continue to be mentioned in the prayers the names of previously oramos by Nations, but only one nation will receive specific prayer during one month.

We Prayer for:
  • leaders representing the Gospel of Christ in their homeland, by its ministries and their families. 
  • Governmental leaders 
  • by social problems of each nation 
  • by lives that are driven out of the body of Christ. 

Pray and clamour shaped by these love lives, which are in prison. Loves her intercession campaign (CIAN) Nations began on 01 August 2008 and does not have the deadline for closure. If this revelation Te rang send us your country's flag and help us achieve other countries.

Address to reply:
Fabio Medeiros
rua Dom Pedro I, 552, ap. 102 - Centro
Petrópolis - RJ
CEP 25610-020
Email to contact:
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