URGENT prayer is needed NOW in the nation of Pakistan

Dear Gilson,
Emergency Prayer Alert-PAKISTAN
URGENT prayer is needed NOW in the nation of Pakistan
In an e-mail received by Window International Network, a Pakistani Pastor wrote,FLAG

"Please pray for Pakistani Christians they are really in trouble, also send this prayer request to all your contacts."

Muslims burned 50 homes owned by Christians, as well as a church in Toba Tek, Punjab. It is not known how many Believers have died, but one report states that "many women and children are feared burned to death." Survivors are said to be hiding in fear of additional attacks. The rampage of violence began after Muslims announced on loudspeakers that they were going to teach a lesson to "infidel Christians" whom they accused of burning pages of their holy book, the Qur'an.

This mass destruction of homes is the second wave of violence in Punjab province. The first came on July l, 2009 when Muslims made a similar false accusation of blasphemy against Christians in the village of Bahamin Wala.

Muslims and Christians have been living harmoniously until a blasphemy law was legislated in the country. The Muslim extremists used blasphemy laws on personal rivalries and for grudges they have against Christians.

The July 30, 2009 assaults began after a Muslim falsely accused a Believer of burning pages of the Qur'an. Although Christian and Muslim elders met to defuse the situation, it erupted into a riot with Muslims burning up to 50 homes owned by Christians.

According to missionaries on the scene, masked Muslims used chemical bombs to destroy homes, and openly used gun fire to slay peaceful citizens. Muslims also blocked the road to keep help from reaching the village where the homes were burning.

It has been reported that at least nine may have died in the violence. Women and children are believed to have been among the victims, some assumed to have burned alive.

"They have made up their minds to crush Christianity," a teacher in the area said. An article in the Washington Post noted that killing is common in Pakistan. "But this attack startled the country both for its ferocity and for its stark message to religious minorities."

  • Pray for God's Peace to reign in the midst of this lawless situation. Bind the spirits of murder, hatred, and false accusations in Jesus name. Loose the spirits of peace, love, and the Truth of Jesus Christ in this land.
  • Pray for comfort and strength for the Believers who have lost family members and homes. Pray Jehovah Jireh, God who provides, will provide shelter, food, and access to internet and cell phones for victims to communicate with others what has happened to them, and how they need help. (The Bible Phil 4:19)
  • Pray God will supernaturally make the way for Believers to reach places of refuge in towns and villages. Some have run out of money trying to escape, and some places are blocked preventing the Believers to enter. Many are stranded.
  • Pray for the blasphemy law to be repealed immediately.
  • Pray the international community will publicly bring pressure on the Pakistani government to protect religious minorities, to condemn the actions of the terrorist, prevent any future attacks on Christians, and make sure they are protected.
  • Pray Pakistani officials will give honest and accurate accounts of the acts of violence, who is responsible for them and, and no longer give reports that do not give the entire story of the violence and acts of terrorism.
  • Pray the government will rebuild the homes that have been destroyed, and they will give the families provisions to help them until their living situations are restored.
  • Pray for GOD to comfort the families of those who have lost loved ones in this season of violence.
  • Pray those responsible for the violence to quickly and openly be brought to justice. Pray for godly repentance to overwhelm their hard hearts. Pray for them to seek reconciliation and find salvation in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the Lord to use these events to turn hearts throughout Pakistan to and accept Him. Pray for the works of satan to become tools in God's hand for establishing His Kingdom in this Islamic nation.
  • Pray Muslims will experience and accept the Love of God, and their hearts will be rid of hate and rejection.
  • Pray God's Kingdom will be firmly established in this land.

Sources: Believers in Pakistan, BBC News, The Washington Post.

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